How to Enjoy Threesome With Bi Woman?

Threesome, it’s many man’s dreams. Him, between two women getting nasty things done to him and watching them getting down and dirty with one another. Sounds great and all but do threesome really turn out like the ones we see on movies or watching those porn videos online.

Personally, many bi/bi-curious single/couple have never participated in such activities but they have been asked. It made me wonder how do you even go about having a threesome. Shouldn’t there be some kind of understanding or rules to follow before going all the way out? So we’d better decided to see what’s the best way to go about a threesome and you can decide if you agree or disagree.

The First thing on the list is obviously finding a third person. A female of course because let’s be honest what man is going to want to be in bed with a man, especially a man he’ll be watching all over his woman. He’d have a fit, which is why you better be sure your girl is completely sure she’s down for the get down because let me just say it.On a serious note make sure this is something your partner really wants aka this has been a fantasy of hers as well before going out to look for a third person.

The third person should be a stranger – AGREED: Having a threesome with someone you both know or one of you know can be a major issue in the future even if the two of you agreed it was okay. It’s a possibility that your girl will feel like you are now into her friend and become jealous and/or the friend will catch feelings. I think it’s best the two of you go out together and decide on someone you both find attractive and you can decide if the three of you have chemistry. Also, you don’t have to worry about seeing this person again unless you decided you’d like to have another one. I’m sure you won’t find someone the first go round but it’s possible.

The third should go get tested – AGREED: Just because you and your partner know each other’s status doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask the third persons before actually executing the plan. It’s best you use condoms ANYWAY
Second I’m pretty sure you want to decide what is and what’s not off-limits.

Threesome should take place where you are comfortable (i.e. at home) – DISAGREE: Take the party to some place exciting but do not bring this third-party into the place you lay your head at night. Go to a hotel or some other place exciting. Where that place is for the three of you to decide

Decide what sexual gestures you are okay with – AGREED: Do not expect your woman to go down on another female if she’s never done it before. It may be something that is extremely uncomfortable for her. Now if it happens on it’s on after she decided it was something she didn’t want to do then there you go; your fantasy has come true because that’s what you wanted. Also, the man kissing on the third-party I say should be off-limits. Kissing is way more intimate than having sex with someone.
Do not use the same condom for both women– AGREED: that’s just gross as fuck dude

Finish with your partner – AGREED: if mine man finished his business with the third there would be hell to pay once she left and I bet my life I’d never let him have another threesome ever again in life. You want your woman to feel like she’s, special and all you want at the end of this.

Once the threesome is over don’t hang around talking to the third-party. Send that bitch packing in the friendliest way possible lol. Tell her to thank you and see her to the door, the both of you. Spend some time with your partner and reassure each other how important you are to each other. Hey go ahead and take a shower together it might lead to you two getting to enjoy each other a little more. Hopefully, at the end of it all, you feel closer than ever and no one decided they want to call it quits.

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How to Come Out to Your Partner You Are Bisexual-4 Tips for You

For most bisexuals, the come out is a difficult thing.When we are single and come out to parents or friends, it’s not so hard, because it is the natural awakening of sexual, rather than being awakened by others.While, when you found you are bisexual after you have a heterosexual or homosexual partner, the come out to them become very hard.Accordingly, here are some tips help you come out to your partner go well.(This article is for reference only, come out of the cabinet please consider the reference to your own conditions)bisexual couple

1.Check out other people experience of come out

First before come out you’d better sum up the success of others come out experience, you can simply do research on the Internet about how other people expressed their bisexuality. Following those steps will help you to stay away from anxiety when you come out.

2.The Test

Next you can establish a general reaction.This can be done by a test or other. You want to pose a question to your partner which is designed to reveal his feelings towards same-sex couples as well as bisexual individuals. Everyone is different, so how you come up with a good test which will be easy to execute is up to you. It could be simply finding a celebrity who is bisexual and bringing them up in conversation, then saying, “did you know she is bisexual”? Then carry on the conversation from that point.

3.The experience

And then is revealing an experience you had. Based on your partner’s reaction to the test, you will want to reveal an experience you had with the other sex in a careful manner, a calm manner, or a carefree manner. Just reveal one experience as if it was a one time deal. This will ease your partner into accepting your bisexuality.

Let this sit with them for a few days. As it settles in they will ease into the possibility that you may be bisexual. If you just come out and say it and reveal a slew of sexual experiences or strong feelings you had, then this can come off as too much information, too soon. In other words, it will be way too overwhelming for them to deal with all at once.

4.The span time

When you come out as bisexual, give some time to your partner, maybe accept it is very difficult for him/her, you need to let time heal all wounds.After a few days or even a week, bring up your are bisexual once again and state that “technically” you are bisexual. Ease them into the reality that you’ve had other experiences as well. Try to take note of how they react. Do they seem to have a problem with it? Are they acting hesitant or distant? They need to know and hope you revealed it smoothly yet quickly without overwhelming them.

Here are a few added notes:

You don’t have to have had an “experience” with the other sex. It could just be a strong feeling or the simple realization that you know you are bisexual. Instead of relaying an actual experience, simply relay what you know to be true.
Make sure that they are fine with your sexuality. Some couples will go through these steps, but then they will never talk about it again. It’s like one person will want to pretend it didn’t happen or will want to believe it was a phase when in reality he or she simply will not accept who you are. Communicate and make sure everything is cool between the two of you.

Now, have some great sex with your partner! Try some new tricks and new techniques that will improve your intimacy even better than before.If you wanna meeting or dating with other bisexual sing&couple, join us>>the best bisexual dating site for you!

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What Should You Do When You Find Out Your Husband is Bisexual?

If you find out that your husband is bisexual, you may be will devastated, and understandably so. But alongside those feelings of betrayal are fear and confusion. Your husband has always seemed attracted to you and interested in sex, so how could be be bisexual? Morever,your husband has always seemed attracted to you and interested in sex, so how could be be bisexual?

The answers to these questions lie in the fact that there is a very big difference between a bisexual man and a gay one. A bisexual man is attracted to and enjoys sex with both men and women, while a gay man is only attracted to and interested in having sex with men. And this difference has a very big impact on a marriage.

If you discover that your husband is gay, there is very little hope for the marriage. Since your husband will never be satisfied with your relationship on a sexual level – although he may be love you very much – he will always be looking elsewhere for fulfillment. And even if he will agree to a totally monogamous relationship, most women will not be prepared to live the rest of their lives knowing that their husbands are not interested in them or satisfied by them sexually.But if your husband is bisexual, many things will become different,while the issue of fidelity needs to be addressed, you are still married to a man who is attracted to her physically and sexually.

Whether your husband is a bisexual or not,some myths of bisexuality you should know:

Myth #1. Bisexuals are promiscuous and incapable of fidelity. Don’t assume that because a person is attracted to both men and women that he/she sleeps around. Just as nobody would accuse a hetero or a lesbian of overactive sexual nature, so a bi person shouldn’t be tagged. Bisexuals are capable of maintaining faithful relationships and marriages. It is not required for a bi male or female to have engaged in physical, intimate contact with somebody of the same gender to be labeled as such. What defines a bisexual is attraction.

Myth #2. Bisexuals will readily engage in threesomes. The urge to dive into a menage or orgy is not mutually exclusive with bisexuality. When one considers all the possible combinations of three-way, four-way and more-way sex acts, it’s possible to have fun without same-gender contact. Don’t assume that because somebody likes men and women that he/she is willing to hop into bed with both.

Myth #3. Bisexuals are really just gay or straight people in denial. It’s simple to want to dismiss certain behaviors. If a younger person experiments in same-sex intimacy, it’s a phase, nothing to be taken seriously. Conversely if a woman believe to be lesbian is suddenly dating a man, she was never gay to begin with. Know this: a person can desire both sexes. While somebody may not date a man and a woman at the same time, it doesn’t negate that person’s feelings.

Accordingly,you shouldn’t give up on the marriage, and should realize that although it may not be easy, they can work things out and have a successful marriage.

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Is Bisexual Dating Similar to Sex Dating or Just for Sex?

Understandably, relationships can be complicated and very much so. Dating a bisexual person can pose as much complications as two straight persons involved in dating. But, let’s face it, bisexual relationships are not just put together for sex, at least not in all cases. Everyone has a need for affection and love and this explains why we may not stay in a no-strings-attached relationship for too long. Even when the relationship starts as a casual, sex-for-fun one, most people grow into showing love and affection for their partners. So it happens with bisexual dating. It is not all about the sex; dating has a lot to offer the bisexual in terms of self fulfillment and satisfaction.

However, before the relationship with a bisexual is kick started, one should become aware of the peculiarities that such relationships hold so as to avoid complications. The following are the things you should consider before dating a bisexual so you are not put in the sex dating box.

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1.Respect for the Bisexual’s Identity:

Bisexuals consider themselves to be so whether they are dating a person of the same or opposite sex. The mistake one may make is to think that if a bisexual is dating a person of the same sex then such a one is homosexual. Also if dating a person of the opposite sex, then it means the person is heterosexual at that material time. This is not usually the case and the identity of the bisexual person and their choices per time should be respected if the relationship will have to move on beyond the stage of just sex to that of commitment.

2.Understand the Bisexuals Do not Prefer One Sex Over the Other:

If you are going into a serious relationship with a bisexual, you must understand that the person has attractions for members of both opposite sex, not necessarily that you are preferred above others. Understand that the fact that the person is dating you means that he/she was attracted to you as an individual and stay true to that attraction. When you show understanding in this regard, the potential for some conflict situations would be lessened if not completely eliminated.

3.Don’t Generalize Promiscuity:

Some people are in the habit of going on hasty generalization trips to say that bisexuals are promiscuous. Many people are of this erroneous viewpoint. What they fail to realize is that in as much as there are homosexuals and bisexuals out there having loads of casual sex with different partners, the same can be said of heterosexuals who are also doing the same. What matters most in relationships is the character of the person involved. Stereotyping can be a major turn-off and a hindrance to commit in a relationship. So while we agree that bisexual relationship may not be cut out for sex only, the attitudes of the persons involved can hugely undermine this.

4.Ask Questions Where Necessary:

Effective communication is very crucial to the long term survival of any relationship. In view of the fact that there would always be doubts from time to time, it is important to pop up questions and seek clarifications when and where necessary. Not doing this will open up the door for assumptions, jealousy and conflict. Seek to discover more about your bisexual partner’s sexual orientation and understand the demands that such may place on you. Is it going to be a sex dating or a committed relationship? You need to find out as much as possible about the person you are dating and the distinctive features of your relationship. So, always keep a clear and open line of communication.

5.Be Honest and Open-Minded:

Honesty and open-mindedness are critical requirements for success in bisexual dating. Remember that apart from the questions you have in your mind, people will ask you questions too. You need to be honest about your relationship at all times and to keep an open mind. Do not allow yourself to be gagged by the usual assumptions and typical expectations for bisexuals out there. Remember that you are unique and so is your partner. Your relationship is unique too.